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Shrouded in mystery, Tut Ankh Amons life and death captivate many people. TUT ANKH AMON - THE MUSICAL looks behind the golden mask and brings his childhood years, his coronatian at the age of 9 followed by his difficult regency, which was overshadowed by struggles for power and connivery, as well as his love for the beautiful Ankhesenamen to life. It is astonishing how the story of this Egyptian King, who died at the young age of 19, reflects the topicality of profound human themes such as power, love and the quest for the meaning of life.

Embedded in an enthralling, exotic and romantic story in the time of ancient Egypt, music and dance tears us. A fireworks of fantastic modern melodies and rhythms. Eternity lies in every moment.


tells the fascinating, mysterious and ambiguous story of Austria‘s most famous painter. Between deep poverty and exuberant wealth. Almost despairing of sneaky hostility and great personal tragedies. Celebrated in triumphant successes. Torn between countless amours and the deep love for his muse Emilie Flöge. Always driven by his excessive desire for personal and artistic freedom. Thrilling Musical-Rock-Music, Klimt’s world famous paintings, magnificent art nouveau costumes and a multi-media stage design will transport you back to the sensual age of Viennese Jugendstil.


Even today the great painter of Austrian modern art fascinates and polarizes with erotic elements in his work. His brief, intense and extreme journey (1890-1918) was marked by rejection, rebellion and personal tragedies in the light of a setting empire in World War One. Julian Winter, a student of our days, falls into the personality of Egon Schiele and is drawn into his life increasingly. The love between Egon Schiele and Wally Neuzil in Schieles time and the love between Julian and Sarah Schuhmann in the present saves Julians life. Tightly woven with mystery- and thriller elements this is a powerful portrait of probably the largest youth anti hero Austria has ever produced. The rock-pop music and the modern expressionistic stage design shows the fascinating soul of an an extraordinary man in his extraordinary world in tension between eros and death. Egon Schiele - idolized, abhorred, timeless, the psychodrama of a misunderstood genius.


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